WP-312X High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic strapping machine with operator model WP-312X. Uses 9 or 12 mm PP strap. Robust and compact, designed for general use and medium-high work volumes. 180 ° rotating control panel to work on both sides of the machine. Bar strapping pedal to facilitate cycle start-up. Available on request with various measures of strapping arches.

1. WP-312X works with DC motors that control each function of the machine. 
2. Compared to a traditional strapping machine, more than 30% of mechanical parts have been eliminated. 
3. Robust and compact strapping machine, extremely efficient for medium-high working capacity. 
4. 180 ° rotating control panel for working on both sides of the machine. 
5. Strapping foot pedal to start the working cycle. 
6. Available with pneumatic top press


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