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Willie Pak is focusing on heavy industry packaging machinery design and high-quality PET strap production.Taking the self-developed PET strap production line as the core, with 10 years experience of packaging industry , we research and develop strapping tools, such as electric & pneumatic strapping machine, pallet strapper, and integrate stretch film and wrapping machines.

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Battery Strapping Tool

JJW-16 Battery Strapping Tool is suitable for the packing of the steel, timber, brick, fiber for its compact design and light weight that enables portability. It is used for paper industry, aluminum industry, steel industry, wood, wooden packaging,chemical fiber,cotton,tobacco, chemicals, metal industry and so on.

1. Large capacity battery, which is 6000mah
2. Can strap approximate 800-1000 times per single charge
3. Charging will only take 30 minutes
4. High Performance Brushless Motor, low noise and maintenance cost

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Willie Pak High Performance Polyester Strapping is engineered to provide you with a consistent, high quality product for your toughest strapping applications. Our experienced manufacturing team sets rigid quality standards and maintains a relentless commitment to producing a range of PET strap that consistently performs in the most demanding applications.

1. Split Resistance – A small cut will not propagate across the width of the strap.
2. High Tension – The high tension capability allows it to be applied tight.

3. Recyclable – it can be cut into small pieces and accumulated for recycling.

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About Packaging

Steel strap is usually reserved for very heavy loads, greater than 5,000 lbs., for strapping high temperature loads, where plastic would melt, for loads with sharp edges,...

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Ribbon product quality analysis

How to identify the quality of the clothing ingredients - the quality of the rib...

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Causes of chromatic aberration in the webbing

The most feared thing about the dyed webbing is that the dyed color has a color ...

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The advancement of baler technology will drive the development of various industries

Nowadays, the types of balers can be said to be varied. Different balers have di...

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