Willie Pak is a transit-packaging provider, offering safe and effective products and solutions to our customers globally.

Taking the self-developed online strapping production line as the core, we research and develop the handheld strapping tool, pallet strapper, automatic strapping machine, wrapping machine, packing equipment, and other packaging accessories that optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect products in transit. Willie Pak brings this extensive product portfolio together to offer complete transit packaging solutions to its customers.

Our experienced professionals will reveal any wear and tear before shipping. This avoids costly repairs at what are often inconvenient times. The testing will be carried out on your machine in accordance with an inspection list designed to keep your machine in optimal working condition.

We ship a high percentage of stock orders the same day received, and we always sell at competitive prices. When you evaluate price, selection, service, and quality, Willie Pak always leads the way in overall value.

Willie Pak people want to make everyday life easier and better for our customers. It really does not matter if you work in sales, production or in the warehouse. We are people who keep our word, are honest and very driven.

From a singular protective packaging product to full turnkey packaging solutions, we have the expertise, experience and resources to find solutions to your packaging challenges. An unequaled breadth of solutions that protect your products during manufacturing, transport, storage and distribution.